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Appliance Repair Services in Milton

Help! Your washing machine is not working and laundry is piling up! Your daughter needs her soccer uniform for the game tonight, your husband needs his lucky shirt for tomorrow’s client meeting, and you need clean towels and bedding for Aunt Julie’s visit on the weekend. When one of our steadfast appliances is out of order, the whole household is out of order, too.

There are plenty of appliance repair companies that service the Milton area, but before calling one, find out if your washer is still under the manufacturer’s warranty or extended warranty. If it is, you’ll want to go with a company that is authorized by the manufacturer. Even if your warranty has expired, these companies are a great choice –they know and understand your machine, and they will probably have any necessary parts on hand.

Choose the right company, and get your household’s groove back.
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Appliance Repair Services in Milton


The washing machine is one of the most important appliances in the home, and when it goes down, everyone is inconvenienced. Either you get a repair technician to come to the house fast, or someone will be lugging loads to the laundromat!


Same-day service is very important when you choose a repair company. But equally important is choosing a company that will send someone who knows how to repair your particular machine. If your Electrolux washer stops working, you want a technician who has worked on that make and model before and is familiar with it. If the company is authorized by Electrolux to do repairs under warranty, it’s also likely that they will stock the most commonly needed parts. Having the know-how and parts on hand helps to ensure that your repairs will be done quickly and efficiently.


Other Criteria


Some other important criteria include the following:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed promise. Some companies have you inspect the work and sign off on it. This way you can be sure that everything has been resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Warranty. If your manufacturer’s warranty has lapsed, check out the warranty offered on labour and parts by the repair company. Industry standard is 30 days on labour and 90 days on parts. The company should meet or exceed that warranty.
  • Commitment to customer service. When you invite a repair technician into your house, you want him or her to treat your home and family with respect. Technicians should cover their shoes, speak to you in a friendly and courteous manner, and tidy the work area after the job is finished.

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